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Netflix in the Nordics – Exclusive Webinar

Feature / 1st March 2022

Netflix in the Nordics

As of February, SoDA is active with Netflix data from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. With viewing records from 2018 to the current day, we are revealing never-before-seen insight into SVOD viewing trends in the Nordics. 

Viewing Trends in the Nordics

The Danish Netflix Original film, The Chestnut Man, was the most popular Nordic production in 2021. For subscribers in the Nordics, it was the 3rd most viewed piece of content (based on average audience). Only narrowly behind Red Notice but ahead of global hits like Bridgerton and Lupin. Not only this, but it performed considerably well in the rest of Europe, particularly in Spain and Germany.  Additionally, the Swedish Original series, Snabba Cash, ranked 8th overall, as 2nd most viewed Nordic production..

An additional finding is that people in the Nordics are spending more time on Netflix year after year. Since 2018, the average amount of time spent watching Netflix increased by 37.5%.

Furthermore, Netflix Originals made up 41% of 2021 viewing time. In contrast to 46% for acquired content and 13% for content exclusively available on Netflix. This pattern of viewing was also present among Italian subscribers. Spanish Netflix subscribers were the only group who watched more original content than acquired. However, this doesn’t reflect accurately how much original and exclusive content overperforms on a title-to-title basis. 

Netflix in the Nordics

Webinar – Netflix in the Nordics

To find out more about SoDA Nordics data, sign up to our webinar. The event will be hosted by CEO, Ali Vahdati, and Product Manager, Matt Ross. Get inside the viewing revolution in what is heating up to be a key battleground for the streaming wars. 

Register now in order to gain access to the webinar, which will take place on Wednesday 23rd of March at 2pm GM / 3pm CET / 4pm EET.

At Digital i we help our clients stay inside the viewing revolution with the most accurate SVOD viewing data in the market . Get in touch to find out how we can empower you to revolutionise your audience research capabilities.

Netflix in the Nordics Webinar
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